Development of Agarwood Production Cluster Based on Microbe Technology

The production and trade of agarwood, especially cultivated one, has grown very rapidly in Indonesia. Most local governments have encouraged agarwood plantations so that in the future the production will continue to increase and agarwood trade will be more exciting. In line with these developments, to support production and trade continuity, integrated and sustainable management needs to be encouraged and one of the is clusters. The Cluster is an integrated management concept starting from the upstream to downstream which contains conservation, production, processing, marketing and so on and also involves various stakeholders. The concept of the agarwood cluster is emphasized to the Central Bangka Regency which initially developed the production of agarwood cultivation in Indonesia.  However, this concept will be a success if it is supported by all stakeholders, especially the regional government of Central Bangka Regency, Province of Bangka Belitung Islands. The support include commitment, coordination, and finance among the government working units or locally know as Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah (SKPD).

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